Cross-country skiing with your dog in Tyrol

You love to enjoy the beautiful winter landscape together with your dog while practising cross-country skiing? You have the possibility to do so in Tyrol!

Every dog owner, who also likes cross-country skiing, knows that normally dogs are not allowed on the cross-country ski tracks. Tyrol is an exception: in Seefeld in Tirol and in Pertisau at Lake Achensee there are two special dog-friendly tracks. Your four-legged friend can run and enjoy the snow whereas you can go on the trails, which are groomed for both skating and classic-style skiing. Pawprints on the snow are welcome!


Foto: © Peer

Please consider that running next to you along the cross-country ski track can be very demanding for your dog. Therefore think about planning some breaks and bringing enough water. Depending on your dog’s fur a warm dog coat can be helpful, because it can get very cold in the valleys. Also your four-legged friend’s paws might need some protection: you can choose between special ointments or even booties.

And please don’t forget to collect your dog’s excrements also when cross-country skiing.

Sports and nature – together with your four-legged friend – a wonderful experience! 

Dog-friendly trail Pertisau at Lake Achensee
Length: 1.1 km
Difference in altitude: 15 m
Highest point: 960 m
Style: skating/classic
Level: easy

Lenerwiese dog-friendly trail Seefeld
Length: 2.5 km
Difference in altitude: 15 m
Highest point: 1,185 m
Style: skating/classic
Level: easy

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