7 snowshoe hikes in Trentino and South Tyrol

Your destination might be a hut or a mountain peak – hiking in a winter wonderland is always special. The feeling of freedom might even get stronger with snowshoes on your feet. We have chosen some intermediate hiking suggestions for you.
By the way: this tutorial video on Peer.tv might be helpful for beginners!

  1. To the Malga Lyfi mountain hut in Val Martello

    Malga Peder-Stieralm in Val Martello, picture © Peer

    This easy tour right below the Dosso di Peder (Perderköfl), on the sunny hillside of the Val Martello is one of the most famous winter hikes in South Tyrol. From the Malga Enzian (Enzianalm) the path ascends to the lonely Peder-Stieralm and continues then on the Martell High Route to the Lyfi-Alm, a popular destination both in summer and in winter. From there you can walk back to the starting point on the forested trail. 

    All details at Snowshoe tour to the Malga Lyfi mountain hut on suedtirolerland.it.

  2. To Monte Maggio at Folgaria

    Mountain cross on Monte Maggio, picture © Peer

    From Passo Coé (1,610 m a.s.l.) between Folgaria and Val d’Astico starts the popular snowshoe tour to Monte Maggio (1,852 m). The trail crosses cross-country slopes and starts to ascend more and more in the forest, before finally reaching the cross. From the top you can enjoy a beautiful view on Monte Pasubio, theatre of war during World War I. At the beginning of the tour instead there is situated the former NATO station “Base Tuono“, which dates back to the Cold War. 

    All details regarding the tour at Snowshoe hike to Monte Maggio on trentino.com

  3. To Monti Luta and Salomone, Val Pusteria

    Between Monte Luta and Monte Salomone, picture © Peer

    The two-peaks-traverse makes this snowshoe tour in the Villgratner mountains above Tesido special. Starting point is the parking at the mountain restaurant Mudler. From there you first reach Monte Luta (Lutterkopf), and then Monte Salomone (Durakopf, 2,275 m). Finally you descend passing by the Malga di Tesido (Taistner Alm) and the toboggan run and then reach the starting point. The length of 11 km, a walking time of 5 hours and a difference in altitude of 700 m make this tour challenging. 

    All details at Snowshoe tour to Monte Luta and Monte Salomone on suedtirolerland.it

  4. To Dosso di Costalta above Valle dei Mòcheni

    Dosso di Costalta, picture © Peer

    The Dosso di Costalta mountain peak is situated at almost 2,000 m. The area between Altipiano di Piné and Valle dei Mòcheni is characterised by alpine pastures, which offer a great view from the Lagorai to the Brenta Dolomites. The starting point is at Passo del Redebus, you can stop for a meal at Malga Cambroncoi, which is open on weekends. 

    All details at Snwoshoe hike to Dosso di Costalta on trentino.com

  5. To the Eggergrub alpine pasture in Val Passiria

    Eggergrubalm, Stulles, picture © Peer

    Stulles in the rear Val Passiria is the starting point to the Eggergrub alpine pasture. For the first part of the trail you normally won’t need to put on your snowshoes, as it follows the road to the Hochegg farms. From there onwards you probably can’t walk without them as the path climbs steeply uphill until it reaches the meadows of the Eggergrub alpine pasture at the Giovo mountain range. The view is amazing up here and on weekends you are served local meals. 

    Further information: Snowshoe hike to the Eggergrub alpine pasture on suedtirolerland.it

  6. To Monte Agaro above Passo Brocon

    Monte Agaro, picture © Peer

    On the western side of Passo Brocon, above the high plateau of Tesino, there is situated the small skiing area of Ski Lagorai. From the skiing area parking you first walk 1.5 km in direction Tesino Castle until you reach Casa Saronnese. Here the real snowshoe hike starts and reaches almost 1,900 m at the Chalet Paradiso, at the chairlift mountain station. The view ranges from the Vette Feltrine al Lagorai to the Pale di San Martino. 

    All details: Snowshoe hike to Monte Agaro on trentino.com

  7. To the Bolentina alpine pastures in Val di Sole

    Bolentina alpine pastures, picture © Peer

    Bolentina is a small mountain village above Malè in Val di Sole. Even higher there are situated the Bolentina alpine pastures – the highest one at 1,820 m a.s.l. The whole tour is 11 km long and it takes about 4 hours to ascend almost 600 m of altitude. As there is no rest point along the path you should bring your own trail food. You will enjoy the peace on this tour and the awesome view on the Val di Sole, the Presanella, the Brenta Dolomites and later also on the Val di Rabbi and the Ortles Group. 

    All details: Snowshoe hike to the Bolentina alpine pastures on trentino.com

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