5 winter hikes to enjoy the first snow in the Alps

In winter the mountains are particularly fascinating. After a night-time snowfall the white landscape gives you a feeling of purity. To enjoy these first winter moments we suggest you the following 5 hikes from the Northern Limestone Alps to the Dolomites.

  1. Lakes of Seefeld (Tyrol)

    Seefeld, Reither Spitze. Foto © Peer

    Not of an important difference in altitude, but 14 km long is the trail we would like you to explore at Seefeld. Situated at 1.200 m a.s.l. the path connects several lakes, such as Lake Wildsee, Lake Möserer See, Lake Lottensee and Lake Wildmoossee. During your hike you will be surrounded by the mountains of Mieming, Wetterstein and Karwendel. 

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  2. Malga di Lazins hut in Val di Plan (South Tyrol)

    Zeppichl, Pfelders/Plan i. P. Foto © Peer

    The Val di Plan Valley, a side valley of the Alta Val Passiria Valley, situated at the heart of the Main Alpine Crest, is very snow-reliable. At Plan there is a small ski resort, but there are also cross-country ski-tracks and hiking trails leading into the Valle di Lazins Valley in the Texel Group Nature Park. Our suggested trail starts at Plan, passes the hamlets of Zeppichl and Lazins and reaches the Malga Lazins hut. 

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  3. Prato Piazza, Braies Dolomites (South Tyrol)

    Plätzwiese/Prato Piazza. Foto © Peer

    The following route is located at Prato Piazza in the Valle di Braies Vecchia. To explore this area you can either start from Ponticello/Braies or from Carbonin/Val di Landro. You will walk on wide paths and you can get some nice food at the Prato Piazza hut or at the Vallandro hut. If you would like to follow our described trail you will start from Carbonin and walk to Ponticello. There you will need the public transports to get back (bus no. 443, operating from the middle of December). 

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  4. To the Fuciade hut in the Val di Fassa Valley (Trentino)

    Fuchiade. Foto © Peer

    A short, but nice winter hike in the Dolomites, at the foot of the Costabella in the Marmolada mountain group, starts at the Passo San Pellegrino next to Moena in the Val di Fassa Valley. The path shows a slight gradient, passes the Albergo Miralago and some other huts before reaching the Rifugio Fuciade with its unique mountain landscape. On the path you will also cross horse-drawn sleighs. 

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  5. From Rifugio Predaia to Malga Rodeza (Trentino)

    Rifugio Predaia, Dolomiti di Brenta. Foto © Peer

    Also our last suggestion is an easy hiking route: from the Rifugio Predaia hut at Tres in the Val di Non Valley, the path leads gently uphill to the Malga Rodeza di Tres hut at 1.570 m a.s.l. In the following description this walk is classified as a snowshoe hike, but you will only need snowshoes if you would like to reach the panoramic viewing point at 1 km from the Malga Rodeza hut. 

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