Top 7: the best Waalweg paths in South Tyrol

In the western part of South Tyrol there are hundreds of ancient irrigation channels, called “Waale” (from the latin aqvalis – waterpath). The simple walking paths along them are called “Waalwege”. Originally they were built for maintaining the water courses, now they are a real attraction for the light-version of hiking, the most popular outdoor activity – especially in spring and in autumn. We made a selection of the most beautiful “Waalwege” for springtime. 

  1. Brandis Waalweg at Lana


    Two easy walking hours, refreshment stop opportunity at the Waalrast restaurant, blossoming orchards and a waterfall at the end of the route – this is what the Brandis-Waalweg offers. Near the Waal at Lana di Sotto there can also be visited the South Tyrolean Orcharding Museum (MON-SAT).

    Recommended period of time: middle – end of April (blossom time).

    > Further information regarding the Brandis Waalweg path at Lana

  2. Caines Waalweg path


    This circular route at the Caines Waal has a difference in altitude of 250 m and the walking time is about 2,5 hours. The path leads in large part through deciduous and mixed forests in the lower Val Sopranes Valley. The Ungericht restaurant above Caines is both starting and arrival point.

    Recommended period of time: April – May.

    > Further information on the Caines Waalweg path

  3. Scena Waalweg path


    Beautiful views on Caines, Rifiano, Tirolo and Merano can be enjoyed along the Waalweg path from Verdines to the Val di Nova Valley (Naiftal). 50% forests, 50% fields and 100% Waal offers the 8 km long walking route with its 210 m of difference in altitude (uphill).

    Recommended period of time: middle – end of April (blossom time).

    > Further information on the Scena Waalweg path

  4. Ilswaal and Zaalwaal


    Most of the Waale in the whole alpine area can be found in the Val Venosta Valley. Its arid climate requires much irrigation. The Ilswaal and the Zaalwaal at Silandro are two of the most popular Waalweg paths – with the art-historical highlight of the Church of St. Egidio.

    Recommended period of time: end of April – middle of May (blossom time).

    > Further information on the Ilswaal and Zaalwaal Waalweg paths in Val Venosta

  5. Maia Waalweg path


    You can walk along the Maia Waalweg path from Maia Alta at Merano to Saltusio in the Val Passiria Valley. The path leading from the outskirts of Merano to the Passirio meadows is 8 km long and has a difference in altitude of 270 m.

    Recommended period of time: middle of April – beginning of May (blossom time).

    > Further information on the Maia Waalweg path

  6. Marlengo Waalweg path


    Through the orchards of Marlengo, Cermes and Lana flows the Marlengo Waal, which begins below Tel (Töll) and ends at Lana – it is about 11 km long. While walking along the Waalweg path you can enjoy the view on Merano and its surroundings and the landscape changes from forest to orchards and vineyards. By the way: a 2 km long section is a thematical path dedicated to the peculiarities of nature in this area. Directly at the Waalweg path there is situated the squirrel path, a highlight for children.

    Recommended period of time: middle of April – end of May.

    > Further information on the Marlengo Waalweg path

  7. Lagundo Waalweg path


    In our opinion the absolute Waalweg highlight: starting from Merano you reach the locality Quarazze walking along the popular Tappeiner promenade. From there you continue to walk on the Lagundo Waalweg path at the egde of the forest, passing through vineyards until you reach Tel (Töll). There are numerous refreshment points along the path, which invite you to stop for a moment.

    Recommended period of time: middle of April – end of May.

    > Further information regarding the Lagundo Waalweg path and the Tappeiner promenade

Have a good time!

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