6 places, where spring can already be enjoyed

It still takes a while before spring officially begins, but for all those who don’t want to wait anymore we have collected some early spring suggestions. In the following 6 places in South Tyrol and Trentino spring has already dropped by or is about to do so.

  1. The Spring Valley between Caldaro and Appiano

    Spring Valley, picture © Peer

    This walk is an absolute spring classic! The Spring Valley is known for its favourable climatic conditions. Already at the end of February spring snowflakes and other early bloomers turn the valley in a sea of blossom. You can reach the Spring Valley either from Caldaro or from Monticolo / Appiano. 

    Further information on the walk through the Spring Valley on kalterersee.com.

  2. Through the snowdrop valley at Ledro

    Snowdrops at Barcesino, picture © Peer

    Also in the Val di Ledro Valley above the western shore of Lake Garda spring drops by quite early. You can reach Barcesino passing by Riva del Garda and Molina di Ledro. Here begins the path no. 451 leading through the snowdrop valley, where also the primrose and the liverleaf grow. 

    All information about the walk through the snowdrop valley at Ledro on trentino.com.

  3. The Tappeiner Promenade at Merano

    Viw on Merano, picture © Peer

    An easy walk with a pinch of spring can be enjoyed along the Tappeiner Promenade at Merano. The 4 km long path with awesome views on the city of Merano and its surroundings leads from the northern part of the city to the small village of Quarazze. Whereas winter still dominates the surrounding mountains, on the Tappeiner Promenade with its lush vegetation you can already smell the spring. 

    Further information on the Tappeiner Promenade on meranerland.org

    Besides the Tappeiner Promenade you can find several other promenades at Merano. Thanks to the mediterranean climate of the city, also there heralds of spring can be found. 

  4. From Flavon Castle to the Virgolo and Bolzano’s Promenades

    Spring snowflakes in front of Castel Flavon, picture © Peer

    At Bolzano spring can be discovered in many different places. A nice 2 hours walk is the one starting from Flavon Castle and leading to the Virgolo, before heading back on the Virgolo Promenade. Right under the castle there is a sea of spring snowflakes!

    Further information on the walk from Flavon Castle to the Virgolo on weinstrasse.com.

    Like Merano, also Bolzano offers promenades, such as the the Guncina Promenade or the Sant’Osvaldo Promenade. Here the early bloomers start to blossom in March. 

  5. Spring walk from Laghetti to Pochi

    Liverleaf between Laghetti and Pochi, picture © Peer

    Further south, at Laghetti di Egna, the Dürer path leads to Pochi di Salorno. It is said that the famous painter Albrecht Dürer went along this path during his trip to Italy. March is the right month if you love looking at the blooming erica, liverleaf and snowflakes between the vineyards. 

    All information about the spring walk from Laghetti to Pochi on suedtirolerland.it.

  6. Spring hike to Verdignes

    Spring in the surroundings of Velturno, picture © Peer

    A little bit later, at the end of March and the beginning of April, spring drops by also between Velturno and Verdignes above the Isarco Valley. The chestnut trail shows its best not only in autumn, but also in spring. On the Trumbichl hill there can be admired the rare purple alpine anemones. 

    Further information on the spring hike from Velturno to Verdignes on suedtirolerland.it.

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